The Art of ManScaping by Gillete

And I thought us ladies had it hard. This is truly informative and funny as heck too! I guess Gillete got tired of endless Q&A's about how to shave down there, LOL! So this is such a big help for all you Manscape Virgins :D... remember, it might not seem easy the first time, just pause, take a deep breath, and play.

Visual Stress Test

Can you see them moving?

Welcome Note

I have no clue what I am doing here. But I think that one of the reasons for me being here is the need to speak. The want of expressing myself without the basic face-to-face chatter. Maybe it's because in writing I can say it without having to pause for input from someone else. So my thoughts are rapidly spoken. I have no writing background and to be honest with you, I never enjoyed writing. I do not punctuate properly. But I take that grammar here is not an issue.

I navigated around blogger and found some amazing blogs. I wish I could be as good as they are. Maybe in the future, as I become comfortable. Until then, this is my little spot and I am happy to have this little nook. I'm nervous, excited, and hopeful. I know that I will be my toughest critic, I might even update a blog as I will probably read it over and over, picking it apart, changing some words as I see fit. I heard someone say that expressing yourself over text, chat, or blog, is extremely difficult, because others might read what you wrote in a completely different content. I will keep that in mind as I write. I know that CAPITALS are the meaning of shouting or important point? am I right? and a friend once said don't put too much !!!!!!... it's simply silly and exaggerated. I agree, one or two is enough. But as I find my own groovy beat, I hope that I will find favour among the blogger community.

So here I go, here I begin, this is the new page turning in a thick book. What will I write about? Will I be too critical? Will I be transparent? I seriously don't know. I just hope that whatever I do in this blog, it will be to my satisfaction and for my own purpose. I will try to not let others influence my writing habits or let other's comments bring my spirits down. I will be vigilant of my character and keep myself grounded at all times. My thoughts are simple. Sometimes they are random splatters. My words tend to be naive, but that's ok.

So here I go! (one exclamation)... This is my diary... Welcome :-)