America In Debt

It's sad to see how a country with so much resources, has fallen so short with economic chaos. From finger's being pointed at others to bad strategic planning, ultimately, the taxpayers are the ones to suffer. Both Presidential Administrations made mistakes, no one is perfect, but instead of placing the American people's best interest at the forefront of this dilemma, we have been pushed aside. Our country now owes more money than ever imagined. The Government has lost their train of thought and carelessly forgotten that taxpayers are truly the ones who boost and run the economy. Blind by this mistake, our Government has chosen to take the side of companies who proved to be unsteady and reckless. The Government is willing to dish out money, funding the shady executives who failed to managed their finances from the start. So now, people who can't afford living are being punished twice over. Does that make sense? What should have been a major bailout towards the American people's pocket, went to money hungry exec's; who get huge severance packages and will not have to worry about where their next meal will come from or worry about loosing their homes.

We are in debt, that's a fact. But who's fault is it? that is the million dollar question I guess. All we are left with the what ifs? I wonder what would have happened if all of us united outside the Government walls and demanded order, clarity, and compassion. Maybe we failed in the part of loudly shouting out, WHAT ABOUT US?! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Would our President listened? or would he just continued to push his personal agenda at the cost of taxpayers? My continual thoughts take me to a deep feeling of, will anyone be able to afford living here?
Our Country is in debt, people are in debt, companies are in debt, this pattern does not look good to me. When will it stop? and how many more will have to pay the price? Each day thousands more lost their job, everyday thousands are homeless, children won't be able to eat tonight, they won't be able to go home, they won't be able to get medical attention. Every single day, families are struggling. Slowly sinking into a deep depression. They have no way out. And all of this is happening in your very own neighborhoods, not millions of miles away in a third world country. Did we ever expect to see this again?

What if our Government would have bailed us out? What if they would have giving us only $100,000 dollars. After all, aren't we experts at spending? Don't we know our finances better than anyone else? I think our economy would have boosted even further. Unfortunately, those are all what ifs. I hope and pray for our Country. That we might overcome this era. I pray that we may still have faith in our President, considering that he is only human with many flaws. I hope that our Government take the wool over their eyes and begin to see clearly. Consider the struggles many families are facing and provide clean-cut programs that are TRULY meant for prosperity. I pray that just like President Obama promised, transparency in Government, we will see that transparency and that is gives us a view of hope.