Forced Fatherhood

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Today on Dr. Phil he discussed the subject on forced fatherhood. So I decided that I needed to post my two cents on this.

I don't think it's right for a person to be forced into anything, including something as important as becoming a parent. That being said, I think that if two people are mature enough to jump in the sack, then they should be held accountable for the consequences. It doesn't matter if you used a contraceptive, all of them are not 100% effective. If you taken the time to read the fine print, they are only 99.9% effective. There is still that small chance of you becoming a parent. Now, in the case of Matt, he claims that his girlfriend at the time, told him she couldn't get pregnant, she was taking the pill and what not. They never questioned him as to whether or not he used a rubber. I think that him believing his girlfriend was his first mistake. He should have made sure that what she was saying was absolutely true. And ladies, WTF is wrong with ya'll trying to keep a man by getting preggers? That is not cool it's kinda freaky and down right desperate. Back to Matt, he claims to have clearly telling his ex that he didn't want a child (before he knocked her up). Well Matt, I guess that if you weren't ready for parenthood, you should have bought a bunch of Hustler Mags or bought a lot of porn and wacked one off from time to time. The responsibility falls on both of them for not being responsible enough to prevent this pregnancy.

The next fella on the show stated that after a 5 min fling with a girl, he found out 2 yrs later that it produced a child. By this time, this guy had gotten married and had 2 kids of his own. The wife was furious and gripping about the court ordered child support payments they were making (the dood had a DNA done to prove paternity). In this case, I think that the fling chick is shady. Why would she wait 2 yrs to announce this to the guy? I agree that the courts should have prone more into why this woman waited so long to claim child support payment. There should be a statue of limitation when it comes to this kind of issue. Maybe the guy would have taken the responsibility and would have married this girl. He does seem a solid guy and not a dead beat. So again, ladies, WTF? Why ya'll waiting years to tell your baby daddy that he is a daddy? That is some stupid decision on ya'lls part. The funniest part of this guys case is, Dr. Phil said that at first, the girl had agreed to appear on the show but then cancelled stating that she would only appear if they payed her $5,000! LOL!! She absolutely flashed her true colors.

So, forced into fatherhood...

is it ok for ladies to use pregnancy to keep a guy? NO!
is it ok for consenting adults to indulge in sexual relationships knowing the consequences? YES!
is it ok for a woman to wait a long time to let the father know he is a dad? NO!

What should be happening is...

talk clearly about your desires for your relationship.
do not use a child as a tool to keep a man.
do not wait so damn long to tell your partner that he is going to be a daddy.